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Clean Energy in Luxembourg

Your Partner for Photovoltaics, Heat Pumps,
Air Conditioning and EV Charging Stations.
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Commercial and Residential Energy Renovations

We drive the transition to more sustainable, reliable & affordable energy systems.

The signs of climate change are becoming increasingly apparent and unmistakable each passing day. Simultaneously, traditional fossil fuel sources are growing ever scarcer. We enable and empower our clients to take a step towards the future of energy production.

We bring you the technologies of the future:

  • Photovoltaic Systems
  • Thermal Solar Collectors
  • Air-to-Water Heat Pumps
  • Air-to-Air Heat Pumps
  • EV Charging Stations

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Financial aid programmes for
sustainable housing and mobility

The government offers grants for housing as well as a set of financial measures aimed at encouraging energy renovations and the sustainable construction of housing, promoting heating systems using renewable energies.

Encouraging investment in photovoltaic systems and incentivising the purchase of electric vehicles and the installation of charging stations.

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