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EV Charging

The immediate future of automotive mobility is electric and there is no doubt about that. Every passing year, more and more electric vehicles are excepted to take to the roads, seas and skies. While challenges to the electrification of the automobile market persist, innovation seems unrelenting. We are excited to see the EV developments unfold in the coming years. We also take great pride in enabling our costumers to partake in the fight for autonomous, ecological and economical home energy solutions.

We propose intelligent EV charging stations for our clients that are explicitly conceived to work in concert with solar systems. These charging stations put you in full control of how, when and with what intensity you decide to charge your EV. Depending on your current solar production at any given time, you can monitor, restrict and optimize the power you allocate to charging your electric car.

These solutions are recognized by the state as being an essential constituent of the current household energy revolution. The Luxembourgish government provides financial incentives which make these charging stations cost close to nothing. We kindly ask you to lay back and allow us to revolutionise your e-mobility experience. Installed by us, financed primarily by the state and enjoyed by you!

According to these statistics brought to us by BloombergNEF, electric vehicle sales have more than doubled in Europe and across the world in the last two years only. More and more car manufacturers are jumping on this trend, bringing innovative and competitive products to you the costumer. For more information, contact one of our experts!

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At Ecoclima, we take pride in the costumer service we provide. Our goal is to make the process as streamlined and easy for you as possible.


First Consultation

We will send an expert to your home to conduct a site survey!


Project Planning

Our technical team will devise a project plan based on the site survey!



You will receive a detailed quotation with all charges include. No hidden fees!


Administrative Procedure

We will walk you through the necessary administrative steps to launch your project!



It’s time to bring your project to life!


Subsidy Assistance

After the installation, our team will assist you in the fileing for subsidy requests.


Frequently asked questions

Yes, we offer a free consultation to assess your specific needs and help you choose the best charging station for your home or business.

Yes particularly if you install a recharge station with intelligent fonctionalities to further improve communication and optimization between your charging station and your PV panels.

Yes, we are fully licensed, insured, and certified to install charging stations, and all of our technicians have received training on the latest installation techniques and industry standards.

Yes the government is heavily subsidising the transition towrads electric vehicles including the installation of recharge stations.

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At Ecoclima, we understand the motives that drive our costumers. We pride ourselves on our efforts to provide tailor-made solutions and service to our clientele. We value each one of our costumers and their satisfaction is our most fundamental objective. Over the years, we have been helping countless homeowners in Luxembourg to bring their projects to life.

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