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Air conditioner

Air Conditioners are essentially Air-to-Air heat pumps with a high energy conversion efficiency just like their Air-to-Water counterparts. The big difference is that rather serving as a central heat management solution, air conditioners are best for rapidly cooling down the parts of your home where they are locally installed.

In the winter, these systems can be reversed and they can act as a highly efficient localized heating solution for a bedroom, salon or office. Although they are not currently subsidised by the government, tax benefits exist to incentivise their deployment. Here are the benefits of Air Conditioning systems:

  • Fast and cost-efficient localized cooling and heating solution.
  • At Ecoclima, we promote manufacturers and machines that also contribute to better air quality for your home by circulating and filtering the air.
  • It keeps out insects and parasites.
  • By cooling your home, you create a more productive atmosphere for working, exercising and even getting quality sleep!

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At Ecoclima, we take pride in the costumer service we provide. Our goal is to make the process as streamlined and easy for you as possible.


First Consultation

We will send an expert to your home to conduct a site survey!


Project Planning

Our technical team will devise a project plan based on the site survey!



You will receive a detailed quotation with all charges include. No hidden fees!


Administrative Procedure

We will walk you through the necessary administrative steps to launch your project!



It’s time to bring your project to life!


Subsidy Assistance

After the installation, our team will assist you in the fileing for subsidy requests.


Frequently asked questions

Air Conditioners are essentially refrigerant-based air-to-air heat pumps. By extracting heat from the outside air, they work to either cool your home or they can be reversed to provide cost-efficient local heating.

Yes, we provide maintenance and repair services for all the systems that we have installed.

Yes, we provide free-of-charge consultation services to help you choose the right air conditioning system for your home based on your specific needs and budget.

Although air conditioners are not subsidies to the same extent as some of our other service lines, they are eligible for the reduced 3% VAT key granted for home renovation projects.

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At Ecoclima, we understand the motives that drive our costumers. We pride ourselves on our efforts to provide tailor-made solutions and service to our clientele. We value each one of our costumers and their satisfaction is our most fundamental objective. Over the years, we have been helping countless homeowners in Luxembourg to bring their projects to life.

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